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Fresh Chili & Ginger Sauce

I’m a huge lover of garlic. If it was deemed socially acceptable, I would most likely split a garlic clove in half and rub it in all the key spots in lieu of perfume. Since i cant really do that, I opt for using it as much as possible in my food.
My partner has always had a poor history of health. When I first met him, it was colds, coughs and sore throats… and as romantic as that was… I thought a date without a headache or the need to reach for a kleenex would have been much nicer. When we moved in together, I ran the kitchen and took over his diet. I incorporated lots of spices and herbs into his diet. Predominantly Chili, Garlic and Ginger. Now not saying straight away… more like a good 6-8 months down the track, there was a huge change in his health. To be honest, the only reason we noticed was because he came home one day after work feeling under the weather and it hit us that he hadn’t felt sick in quite a while.

There has been studies showing that Alzheimer’s and Dementia are less commonly found within the Asian and Sub Continental communities. Is this partially down to the constant use of spices? Id love to say yes but i haven’t got a clue.. I would like to think so though 🙂


Close your eyes and imagine opening a jar. You put your nose to the opening, inhale and instantaneously pick up a waft of sweetness from the ginger and garlic. A subtle hum of what smells like citrus will soon follow and all your senses are starting to going wild. That will be the result of my Asian inspired sauce. Mind you it does pack quite a punch and carries an almost pickling type quality to it. This keeps so well in the fridge and will guarantee to add a fresh vibrant kick to whatever you choose to serve it with.

I just feel the need to warn you that this sauce isn’t for the faint hearted.It is really spicy, very garlicky and anything but subdued.

Fresh Chili & Ginger Sauce
(Makes aprox ¼ cup)

2-3 fresh red birds eye chilies
1 Tbsp white vinegar
1 Tbsp granulated sugar
½ tsp salt
3-4 Garlic cloves
2 Tbsp Ginger, minced finely (I used my trusty microplane)
1 Tbsp warmwater

Process everything in a food processor until the sauce resembles an aromatic textural salsa type

If chili is a foreign concept for your tongue, start with a small amount of chili, blitz, then taste. Nothing is worse than losing all sensation in your mouth and not being unable to enjoy the rest of the dish.
I rarely remove the skin when I cook with ginger. If you have a microplane, directly grate the ginger skin and all. The yellow flesh will go through and the skin will stay on the upside of the microplane.


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