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Watermelon & Jalapeno Crush

The other day when I went to buy groceries, I was adamant that I had no watermelon in the house. That being said, I purchased another cut portion. As soon as I got home and put the watermelon in the fridge, low and behold, there on the 3rd shelf was a darn watermelon! I then had an abundance of watermelon in the house and felt the need to use the old one up quick smart so I made this Watermelon and Jalapeno crusher.

I have looked up recipes for this in the past and found that many versions of this drink had lots of sugar in it. When necessary sure I would add sugar but when fruit is so ripe and sweet I prefer letting the natural sweetness  of fruit do all the talking. I am not against sugar by any stretch of the imagination however I am mindful of my consumption. I am not particularly keen on sugary drinks and always encourage healthier choices in the event that the consumption level is higher than the ‘occasional treat’.

This is a super simple drink to make and really refreshing. You don’t get hit with a kick in the face of heat from the Jalapeno, depending on your taste you can adjust the chili accordingly. If you are not a lover of heat but want to be daring, you can slice up some of the Jalapeno and just allow it to steep in the drink rather than blend it. Note that the longer you allow the Jalapeno to steep, the more potent it will become. Either way I encourage everyone to try it because the cooling sensation of watermelon really pairs well with that back note of heat. This may be my new go to drink when summer burns the nation to a crisp… gosh that was an odd statement but hey what can I say, it’s the


Watermelon & Jalapeno Crush
(Makes 1 Litre)

5 cups of cubed watermelon (Approximately 800g)

Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 a Jalapeno

Handful of ice

Optional: Sugar if needed, I have used coconut palm sugar previously because it dissolves easily. I used about 1 tsp

If you are merely steeping the chili, slice the chili and add at the end. If you want more heat, add most of the chili to the blender and reserve 2 or 3 slices for steeping after the juice is made.

In a blender add the watermelon, lemon juice, Jalapeno and blend until smooth.

Have a taste and see if you need sugar. I can’t stipulate how much to add because it really depends on the fruit at the time. Previously I have used sugar because watermelon wasn’t the sweetest but today I didn’t need to add anything.

Add the ice, blend and ENJOY

5 comments on “Watermelon & Jalapeno Crush

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    September 26, 2015

    Wow this look good 😃

  3. linsolo93
    September 26, 2015

    Love that combo!

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