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Fig, Cacao Nib and Hazlelnut Yoghurt

I feel really odd writing this post. The following is not so much a recipe but more like a flavour combination I am just dying to tell you about.Ticking all the boxes for sweetness, texture and taste, this flavour combo makes me want to do some crazy things! The figs and maple syrup impart the perfect sweetness and the cacao nibs add that dark chocolate element which is my ideal snack when I have hunger pangs for something naughty! I am a huge fan of texture… some people are not.. but I am. I like feeling the crunch of nuts and the little fig seeds popping as I bite down on them. As I said there is no recipe but I will share with you a few random tidbits.

I toasted the hazelnuts, you definitely don’t need too but it’s just a habit of mine. As my nose picks up the nutty scent, I immediately transfer the hazelnuts to a tea towel. I fold over the tea towel to envelop the hazelnuts and rub rub rub… This removes most of the lose skins.

Fig, Cacao nib & Hazelnut Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt

Hazlenuts (Toasted and most skins removed)

Dried figs, roughly chopped

A handful of Cacao Nibs

Maple syrup

Sweetness is in the eye of the eater.. whatever tickles your toes go for it. This week I tried the new Dodoni Greek Yoghurt because my Coles has decided to not stock good old ‘Chris’s Greek Yoghurt’. This yoghurt was a real surprise… I was initially taken back by the lack of ‘tang’ that I have always associated with Greek yoghurt. However upon further eating I realised the beauty of this yoghurt. It was THICK.. CREAMY.. TRULY DELICIOUS and since it didn’t have that tang it became even more VERSATILE. If I want sweet yoghurt I can now add less maple syrup which I ordinarily douse on top to balance the tang.. AND if I want to make a sauce or dip I can create my own tang. Gotta love the best of both worlds. Seriously good stuff.

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