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Green Grapefruit Godess

The weather is starting to heat up here in Melbourne. T shirts are becoming more frequent and you notice more people going for walks and playing footy in the park. I think are three types of health related behaviours exhibited in this world. Type A are people who have a consistently healthy lifestyle all throughout the year keeping up to date with physical fitness as well as nutrition. Type B are those who are influenced by the weather and partake in physical activity when the weather is inviting and stay snuggled up indoors during winter. Type C mimic the winter behaviour of Type B individuals all 12 months of the year. I think I would be type B. I always eat pretty healthy but my fitness level depletes during winter months. I bring out the slow cooker, blankets and books and eat a lot of root vegetables, lentils and beautifully slow cooked meats.

As soon as it feels like summer, my diet instantly changes and my kitchen overflows with fruit and veggies for salads, with smoothies become a frequent player in my diet. The warm weather encourages me to go for a walk or to the gym to aspire to be like those fit chicks you see all over Instagram. Reality is that will never be the case.. I like the idea but hey I’m a realist. Goodbye rice porridge see you in a few months. Every morning as I enter the kitchen I am confronted with this fruit bowl which is the reason I have made a permanent space on my bench for my blender.

I decided to make this smoothie combination because I couldn’t resist that grapefruit on the bottom tier. Whilst it is the size of a babies head, it also gives me a happy feeling when I slice through the skin to reveal that coral aromatic flesh. Grapefruits on their own are a bit too tart for me so I balanced the flavours with a banana and a granny smith apple. You can use whatever apple tickles your fancy; I just love the good old grannies. The spinach was added for extra ‘oomph’ and is solely responsible for this gorgeous green colour. Anything green is healthy so in my mind this smoothie is off the charts healthy…hmmm

Green Grapefruit Goddess

Be sure use all the juice!

Be sure use all the juice!

Serves 1 greedy monkey but sometimes I share 🙂

1 grapefruit, skin removed

1 apple, cored

1 banana skin removed

2 cups of fresh spinach

Coconut water * optional to thin out your smoothie


Cut the peeled grapefruit into 3 or so disks. This way you can see any seeds and remove them (Seeds and pith can impart a slightly bitter flavor)
Place the seedless grapefruit, apple, banana and spinach into the blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

Since I was drinking my smoothie immediately I didn’t add coconut water. If you are not drinking this straight away add some coconut water for a thinner consistency because as this sits it will thicken up.

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